One last post

Happy times flies, social media and digital communities course is a very relax and fun. Especially with a lecturer-Sir Suren Dev which is amiableness, patient and friendly. Sir Suren will always opened some relaxing music to create a sense of learning social media things are easy and cheerful. We learned how to create our first blog in the first class which I never think to have my own blog since I born and many useful theories about the pros and cons of social media. Besides that, we also learned that how companies use social media to advertise their product and grab the eyes of customers.

Furthermore, I met three lovely teamates, I think this is the most precious things I get in this course. In my opinion, nothing is more precious than relationship.

Now this short semester is come to an end,and this would be my last post, but the value and skills taught my lecturer will never be forgotten, and get used on it in my future.


Money saving guide during Valentine Days

In this era, ladies are getting harder and harder to entertain. Most of the girls will request for present or special event during Valentine days. I have been in a relationship for two years and I feel that buy expensive things such as watch, handbag or clothes are very uncreative and wasting money. Why dont we make a surprise for our partner which is romantic and not money wasting.

So, I decided to cook for my girlfriend as a suprise. I prepared a hearty brunch-Homemade blackchicken chop for her during Valentine Day, although it takes time, but it save money too……As for dessert I made a Matcha Lava Cake. It is very troublesome to get those ingredient, but able to show our heart and sincerity. At night, can also go for a milktea which can build a sense of romantic.

By this guideline able to save many money, comparing to those who go for a luxurious dinner or buy a exaggerate beautiful bouquet.

Visit to Perak, Sky Mirror

All pictures above taken when I visited to Sky Mirror last year. My family and I depart from Malacca, it take 5 hours to arrive their, it is a really long and boring journey. But on the way to Perak, we stop at Sekinchan for a break and enjoy the scenery of paddy.

At Sky mirror, the water on the beach is crystr clear, so it able to reflect or images when you photo shooting at a right angle. Sky mirror locate at a island, which is unpolluted, the air is fresh. The seafood they served also very fresh and tasty, there are variety of seafood, but the most popular are crabs, lala, prawn and sotong.

I also saw bluetears in this trip, actually bluetear is a kind of algae called dinoflagellates, which produce a glowing light when the water they are living in is disturbed by motion. It can only glow for one to five minute after it expose in air.

Vacation in SINGAPORE

Last semester break, i visited to singapore with my family members.It was very fun and memorable. My mother is a SG resident and has a house in Admiralty Link, so we decided to stay there due to it is not worthy to stay in hotel which is costy.

We visited to many places such as Orchid road, Chinatown, Bishan, Yishun. The best scenery for me is the view of Marina Baysand, which is a hotel and have shopping and casino in it.

In this trip, i found that the food quality in Singapore is superb and cheap, many people blamed that it is expensive due to currency, but if you are a Singapore resident which is earning SGD, you will find out that you can use a very low cost to get high quality food and lifestyle.

First time experiencing clubbing in Zouk

This is my first time clubbing experience, it is mind blowing!

My friends and I, total 8 people, which are 4 boys and 4 girls go there by grab. It takes around 50 minute to arrive.

We opened two Smirnoff bottle which cost nearly RM 800. The environment at there are very nice. The remix played by the DJ are awesome and drive the atmosphere insane. We enjoy the dancefloor although it is super crowded. We left there at 5 am morning, although it is very tired but also a very unforgettable experience to me.

There are many foreigners customer at Zouk, i think this is because Zouk is the first ranking club in Malaysia.